About Us

What Is Most Important To Us At CPC?

Christ-Centered Preaching

We believe that Preaching of the Gospel is one of the primary means of grace and a major way that God works to grow our faith. At Covenant Presbyterian, you will hear in every sermon…

  • A message that displays Christ and his work on our behalf
  • A message that rests on the authority of Gods Word primarily and on the reformed confessions.
  • A clear communication of and distinction between law and gospel
  • Frequent discussion of Christ and the gospel as revealed in the Old Testament

A “Means of Grace” Centered Worship Service

We believe that the Lords Supper and Baptism are a critical part of church practice as they are visible gospels and signs and seals of Christ work given to us by faith. We celebrate the Lords Supper on a weekly basis.

Enthusiastic Proponents of the Reformation

We embrace the spirit of the Reformation (the solas) and the Reformed faith (God’s sovereignty/ TULIP, covenant theology). Our worship service is structured around the historic reformed confessions. We incorporate historic hymns and psalms, use “the language of the Christian faith”, read God’s Law and recite the historic Creeds.