10750 Westpoint Blvd Fort Worth, TX 76108
Charles Ramsay

From Charles (former Catholic):

“I didn’t grow up Presbyterian, but got here as fast as the Lord would allow. Growing up in the Roman Catholic Church, I appreciated the importance of a church community. But I was looking for a foundation for my faith in the Bible. Over the years, and by God’s grace, I formed a great appreciation for the Bible and Reformed Theology. I appreciate the OPC’s reliance on Scripture to be the authority. We are all fallible. Its’ great to have a foundation on something other than myself or other people. Laura and I are so thankful that we were led to Covenant in 2005. We have been able to fellowship, worship with, and learn from terrific Christians that have helped make us a better family.”

Charles Ramsay, a native Texan, has lived in Fort Worth most of his life. He works in banking and is involved with several community organizations. He has a BS in Theology from Liberty University. Charles and his wife, Laura, have 4 children that attend WSISD. He has been an elder at Covenant since 2008.